by Bright Red Kite

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The album was inspired by Lovecraft, heist movies, infidelity, the journals of a 19th-century Civil War general, and first-year Psychology lectures. It was recorded in a Langley garage in December while huddling around space heaters and wringing our hands a lot. In retrospect, we do seem to like to make bad decisions. You can probably relate.


released March 2, 2017

Written and Produced by Bright Red Kite
Recorded and Mixed by James IV
Mastered by Brian Smith at Hummingbird Mastering



all rights reserved


Bright Red Kite Vancouver, British Columbia

Bright Red Kite

Saving the world with Death Rays™!

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Track Name: Comb & Catacomb
I'll see you dead for this
I'm so goddamned patient
just need a book or two
and a conversation
but you, you're beautiful
you were born a bandit
cavorting anglers
your bread and butter

Christ, now! what now?
strangelets of conscience
right now take me out
with other garbage

a wreath of stubble lies
from last liaison
the house itself divides
calls it oblation

Christ, now! what now?
strangelets of conscience
right now been disavowed
sorcerous Constance

that is, I mean
tell the courier
curiouser and curiouser
tell the courier
they come, they come, they come
over the hills
yon infidels

to the stepping stone
he let it be known
he threw the first stone
with an ice pick

yes yes I'm a creature
by all objective measure
but you can't make me care
about your sordid opinions
no not now not ever!
no not now not ever!
no not now not ever!
Track Name: Safecracking
we don't hear each other's footsteps
it's as though we've got something to hide
she's professional secret motives hidden in smiles
just admit you came for the money
stone birds singing in rooms riddled with light
I feel nothing watching red rings circle the drainpipe

maharaja I think I blew it

yeah, I'd like to learn the language
but I fear I'd speak it imperfectly
hung and tongue tied strung up for all the tourists to see
just admit that you came for the money
say how else you left us for debris
I see nothing but the distance between you and me

maharaja I think I blew it
Track Name: Desiderata, As Usual
a realm of endless there and back again
a facility for rooted fantasy
'cept it's the literal mundane

I want everything
like I want nothing else
I want you so bad
like heaven sent this
like sinking ships
I want you so bad

driven to drink, of course
we have ourselves a murder
all evidence points to the butler
the embittered
never once gave away
that man is not a eunuch
replete with desperate intellect and somehow diffidence

yeah all that I want yourself and to get out of traffic
air conditioning that is while listening to that idiot refrain

"que sera, que sera"
converted churches holding services for diehards
but for the rest of us...
servility to utility is beneficence is taking all kinds
rotating restaurants are evil beehives
a new Versailles
where samurai don't cry
without good reason why
all hail the king of the contrails
crowned by an older version of him

we could have it all
we could keep warm in the cold
fingertips digging in where wits find no purchase
Track Name: Mephistopheles' Many Names
all those amateur
they'd save my soul but leave the rest to rot what bullshit
so says Lucifer
a true nemesis
but if I get down on the ground if i beg and plead who will hear it?

suppose you're right
and free will's an illusion
that we are like
the shadows cast by moths
into night
cause the night is where we are
yeah born to die
under such a brittle star
that we circle

God is actually
a great fire pit
there lives an open flame burning brightly with your name on it
I never doubted for one
I never doubted you
I was too stupid to that's love "what love?" yeah, shut it

oh how I love your many names
your eternal style reaching from time to time place to place
all western literature
was just outed
as Abrahamic fan fiction been overdone there I said it
Track Name: Dreamlands
I met a girl who speaks
she spoke of shibboleths
crawled up from the deep
she was photographer
she was spitting images
I saw her in all things
which fits in retrospect
my love's a composite
of all I've ever seen

she was lovecraftian
she was his biggest fan
she loved creeping doom
held it tight to her chest
in books, in lies, in madness
so soft it can't be soothed
you know your delusions
they're my delusions too
come from fickle dark
come from savannah
come from the narrows

she takes an earnest wing
she lights on windowsills
to crow at the moon
a girl with raven hair
she lives in dreams, the real ones
that crack just like cocoons
don't knock misanthropy
until you've tried it
don't you feel entitled to
entitled to
entitled to?

in this familiar bedroom
I am born again
look at my familiar lover
I am born again
books worn right through the covers
I am born again
I'm alive in a cadaver
I am born again

being misunderstood is an art form
so now I'm just
learning to keep my mouth shut
and my eyes open wide to the world and its sharpest parts
I really am the worst
but worse than what, ha!

in this familiar bedroom
let me out of here
look at my familiar lover
get me out of here
books worn right through the covers
let me out of here
I'm alive in a cadaver
get me out of here